At Tiger Primary School we believe that all children are entitled to a broad, balanced, creative and coherent curriculum which should prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century; for careers that have not yet been invented. We believe learning should be fun, interactive and focused on children’s own personal learning goals. We aim for the academic attainment of our children to be consistently high and in line, if not above, national attainment.

Children at Tiger Primary school will be equipped with the skills, attributes, and dispositions they need to become well-rounded individuals and life-long learners whilst instilling the love of learning.

Through exciting, dynamic and enquiry based learning our children learn to think for themselves take responsibility for their learning, and be able to demonstrate  the ability to plan and show initiative; persevere and have a commitment to self-improvement.

Learning about working together in teams, taking individual responsibilities, being trusted, being reflective and evaluative is equally as important for us as learning facts and acquiring knowledge. Our curriculum promotes this.

Our Curriculum aims to:

  • Promote and sustain a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning
  • Create a sense of wonder in its pupils
  • Promote inclusion, diversity and community cohesion
  • Keep up with technology
  • Encourage children to work independently and cooperatively
  • Ensure that children are taught to become enterprising
  • Develop emotional intelligence and raise aspirations
  • Help to make children socially responsible
  • Contribute very well to pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development
  • Ensure that all pupils realise their potential
  • Ensure that children achieve high standards across a variety of subjects
  • Ensure that all children are taught the essential knowledge in the subject disciplines


We use a play based interactive approach to deliver the Early Years Curriculum which focuses on the key areas of learning. Our children have a large indoor classroom and well-equipped outside areas to learn and explore within. Children choose from a range of activities throughout the sessions and also engage in child initiated sessions.
Children do engage in Reading, writing and maths. This may be in small, adult led groups or with whole class teaching.


Children are taught pure sounds during phonics lessons. The children in EYFS and year 1 will be grouped according to their ability and taught in small groups. We aim to make our phonics teaching fun and engaging. We transfer the skills they learn in phonics to their reading and writing.

Key stage 1 and Key stage 2:

Morning lessons predominately focus on the teaching of essential skills in reading, writing and maths.
All children are encouraged to use these acquired skills across the curriculum to enhance their learning, develop confidence and to demonstrate their understanding.
At Tiger primary we promote a love of reading and expose our children to ‘real’ books, not merely the reading schemes we have to support learning.

Writing is taught across the curriculum and English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (EGPS) is viewed as an essential part of learning. Our children write for ‘real’ purposes and are encouraged to widen their vocabulary; being introduced to new words each day.
We value neat presentation and teach our children to write in a cursive script.

Mathematics is taught every day and is taught at age appropriate levels. We have a wide range of resources and manipulative to support the teaching of mathematics and to develop confidence and resilience in our learners.

All foundation subjects are taught following the National Curriculum 2014. Music and Foreign languages are taught across the school by specialist teachers

Science is taught across the school on a weekly basis. On some occasions, these lessons are taught in a block according to the topic being covered.

Our key principles for good science teaching and learning at Tiger Primary School are: 

Science is best when….

  • It is pupil led and pupils are making enquiries.
  • The focus is on exploring and investigating.
  • The children pose questions and find out the answer


Personal, Social and Health Education 

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Religious Education

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Physical Education

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