Year 6 Fireflies

Year 6 Blog posts: 

Galápagos Islands  


12th March           

As our boat, HMS Beagle (a type 45 Royal Navy Destroyer-except it doesn’t destroy anything), glided through an ocean storm, we were suddenly startled by the loud shriek of a bird and at that second I knew that land was near. I felt a tropical breeze on my cheek and then, slowly but surely, the clouds began to depart. On the horizon, a saw a large clump of islands. Suddenly the sea went calm and we sped forward at an alarming, stomach churning rate!

When we landed, I was finally able to stretch my legs. But, I was overwhelmed by a sickly feeling, and through up on the shore-what a terrible way to ruin a beautiful island! As I walked along the beach I heard a splash in the water and so I looked around. Surprisingly I saw a large group of Iguanas milling around on the beach. As you will know, iguanas only live on land but these ones seemed to be, well swimming!? I had never seen (or heard) anything like this before, it was an amazing discovery. Well I’m being called back, apparently someone’s discovered a ‘Giant Tortoise’. I’ll have to go.

Charles Darwin


Today, I was woken up by up the sound of a crash of my boat, which had arrived at Galapagos, sailing on to shore. I opened my weary eyes to find myself on a magnificent island.

I jumped out of my deses risen boat (which was full of vomit) and stepped on to the course, sandy shore. The ghastly journey to the Galapagos islands finally payed off.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I took out my dark red note book and my microscope and started researching. I had found so many rare and mysterious species that I have never seen before like : the Marie iguanas, Darwin’s finches e.c.t. The giant tortoise was a huge discovery I wish I can come here again.


After arriving on these cool islands, my first sense of smell was the salt water - even though I had suffered from sea sickness. When arriving, a blast of heat hit me. The humming of the humming birds echoed through my ears, as I watched the bottlenose dolphins jump in the sea.

In the afternoon, I discovered a weird creature called the lava lizard. They an aggressive approach towards lizards who enter their territory. The lifestyle here in the Galapagos islands is different to our lifestyle, as they live in isolati0n from other  species, meaning that they cannot breed with another type of animal.   

The smells of fruit and mint leaves fill your nose, as you walk across the rough grounds and silky sands. After arriving on the island, my first thought was a tropical wonderland , but after further research the islands are subtropical and the climate isn’t different.

Until next time, Darwin 


Landing on this magnificent Island, I feel the soft sand going in between my fingers as I pick it up. However no species in sight yet! I keep walking on the sand to see any plants or animals none in sight still. But I heard shrieking from above, I looked  up and I saw a bird with aqua coloured feet and same coloured beak. Then I heard more sounds fervour ahead. As I go on I felt a ruff plant that I had never seen before. But I kept on moving ahead hoping I’d find more then I saw it all...

There were thousands of species.

They  were all different colours, shapes and sizes it was fantastic! It was a incredible view. That day I learnt about most of  there habitats there diets and more. But I couldn’t stay there for ages because there had to be more, the next place I was looking was near a little pond were I saw something amazing but deadly!! There was a group of snakes (again that I had never seen before) surrounding a Iguana. And the snakes got closer till they snapped and the snakes battled over it.

I moved on with my adventure but it was getting dark...


Welcome to my blog, at 10:15 I had landed on the island terrified and scared (not knowing what was going to happen then). walking out the boat you could smell the wind from the sandy beaches. as I had got to my camp I put everything in my camp and went exploring. I had found out a fascinating fact that the official language is Spanish.                                                                                                

Fascinating, weird species names

So far the experiences that I have had, being at the Galapagos Island, were great. Almost unbelievably, there are spices with Weird names such as the blue-footed boobies, Galapagos land Iguana, marine iguana and last but not least the galapagos

Grace & Zariel  

Today I am talking to you about my trip to Galapagos.

In 1835, I am the first person to set foot on this mysterious Galapagos island. Meanwhile, (I decided to look around this unknown mysterious island, When I came to this island I found out that there were lots of animals living on this island.)

At night time I found a nice and warm cave. All the sensational sights that I saw was: Seals, Dolphins, Tortoises and Ostriches.

After I went to see some tortoises I went to see some seals. What else would I discover before I leave the island Galapagos.

Bye, see you again,




During my time at the Galapagos islands I made many discoveries such as climate change, plants and many species of animals. Such as the lava lizard and the American flamingo. (south).

Galapagos/American flamingo.

  1. They lay their eggs between the dates of May and August.
  2. To eat, they shake their heads from side to side to shake off any excess mud.
  3. They eat shrimp to keep their pink colour.

June 12 2015

Today, after my arrival at the mysterious islands of Galapagos, I cautiously stepped down off the boat as I felt rather dizzy from my ever-lasting sea sickness. As I took my first few steps onto the lush grass I scanned the area for any animals however I was distracted multiple times by the vivid and enthusiastic colours of the woods, so I decided that I would explore deeper in there.

Just as I reached the treeline I noticed something pink in the distance I wasn’t sure what it was but as it came closer I had an idea. “why don’t I research this creature!?”.

Tomorrow will be filled with adventure. In the early parts of the morning, I will wake up earlier than I usually do and carry on researching the marvellous bird I discovers and in the afternoon I will travel down to the west coast to study the climate changes. And as for the evening, I will go wherever the island takes me!


I’m Charles Darwin and I am 30 years old and three years ago I set sail on the H.M.S beagle to study the 19 Galapagos islands.


After, getting off a sickening, journey on the HMS Beagle. I was delighted to be at Galapagos. I looked as far, as the eye could see. Finally, my crow settled in, as the sky got still d by night.

In the middle of the night, it occurred to me we weren’t the only creatures on Galapagos island. Early hours in the morning I went for a hike I hired the baby blue ocean crash crossed the silky soft smooth sand.

There is plenty of different species on the Galapagos island. Like the blue footed booby, the green sea turtles. Every animal is connected to the habitat is what make them all special, in their own ways. 

This is Charles Darwin signing of.


My arrival at Galapagos

When I got off the HMS Beagle and stepped onto the rocky Galapagos terrain, a tropical breeze sweep by me when a vivid bird flew past me; I suspected it was the Blue-footed Booby: It did have blue feet after all. Straight away I got a good feeling about my stay (after I overcome my seasickness, that is). Immediately I realised how wonderful the scenery was. Desperate to start exploring, I set off on my ‘adventure’.

It then occurred to me that I wasn’t here to be sightseeing, I was here to study. The temperature was humid but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I saw loads of brilliant new species, including: The Galapagos Fur Seal, The Galapagos Sea Lion, The Galapagos Giant Tortoise and way, way, more! Overall this journey was definitely worth the wait.

Tomorrow I may go swimming with the dolphins and find more interesting species. I will also make a campfire and maybe roast marshmallows just for fun. I might check out the underwater volcanos.

Charles Darwin


Galapagos Islands: Day 1 & 2

We are now on the Galapagos Islands, which were discovered over 300 years ago and I was shocked! I have spent two days so far and these are my discoveries: On day one I found a seal which I decided to follow and I found their homes, which unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the entire island but I did take a picture which is displayed on your right. Next morning, I found a very large tortoise so we decided to follow it to find it in a mud pool of around 20 other tortoises, which I identified to be the same. 1 of them went to drink some water and I took some footage and it really intrigued me as it licked it and twisted the tongue…


Which was just like the dog so I have a question: did the dog evolve to become a tortoise?  


Today, after making contact with the island,I was suddenly star struck,despite my ever-growing sea sickness I pushed on and clamberd off of the boat [the H.M.S beagle]

Feeling a tad nor  I looked around, I was not anticipating what I saw next! 

There sitting right inforont of me was a very coulorfull bird later to be known as the blue footed boobie it was an amazing sight the wonderfull animal had the most astonishing bright blue feet, the bill of the bird was matching it was a phenomenal sight to behold.

My problems!

The main problem I faced was that I had only been looking down the creater of all the islands were looming over me, was a humongose volcano who molton magma congealed and formed the very land I walk across.

Will more of these islands form? Only time will tell.

Written by yours truly charles Darwin.


Animals in the Galapogos islands

Today I finally arrived on this beautiful island, I  thought  it was really sunny until a few hours later when it started to thunder.

The next  day I was awoken by a rapid, loud bird <the blue footed bobbie> dashing backwards to forwards across were I was sleeping .Then I took a long, deep breath and realised what a nice smell fresh air is.

We don’t get a lot of fresh air down so it is nice to get it here in the  galapucus islands. Wow ! look how nice that animal is, it’s a seal. I don’t know why it is out this late, actually it could be looking for its supper.

Charles Darwin

By Freddie preston


Today, after stepping foot on the island  for the first time I felt adrenalized (due to the  long journey in the ocean). I suffered  from seasickness. After disembarking  H.M.S Beagle I felt a sense of relief after traveling for months at the mercy of the ocean. It made me contemplate- Will I come back out of this island? What species will I discover? And what will be next? Should I leave  this island? Or can I leave this island? and I thought to my self I will  find  new species.

Charles Darwin


Darwin’s Planet

                                                                                                                                                                       After arriving on the Galapagos Islands, I was completely overwhelmed by the breath taking scenery of the beautiful island. As soon as my feet made contact with the ground, I forgot how treacherous the journey was to even get there in the first place!

Arriving there during sunset only made the scenery look better. Staring at the dusk sky, the feel of the cool air and the relaxing songs of the ocean that can calm anyone’s soul. I loved the tropical aroma of the scented flowers and the trees filled with colourful fruit with every colour of the rainbow which imprisons the most delightful taste! 

C.D/Charles Darwin


In the morning, after arriving on the magnificent islands of the Galapagos, I was drawn to the various species of vibrant birds quietly fluttering above I cautiously moved on, I found: a pod of bottlenosed dolphins rising above the surface of the water 2-3 times a minute.


Today (after arriving on the Galapagos island) it accords to me I was not allow, the hall island was covered in a dark cloud of unidentifiable birds; on the side I landed on was a dark sea of volcanic rock, the rocks were a dull purple. over the horizon there were trees taller than lamppost.

The climate in the Galapagos is quite spuria to the climate in England. The reason for this is the Galapagos is closer to the equator.

On the Galapagos the specs inhabiting the 16 islands are 0n going. The main category of the specs are birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. After studding the island, I set up camp and sat by the fire resisting my day. Until tomorrow.               


Once I woke up I headed to the HMS Begal and started to head over to Galapagos. It took approximately 3 whole days to get to the amazing Galapagos. When I got to Galapagos I sat down on a massive rock and started making this blog. Also straight after that I found a Blue Footed Booby.                                                                                                                                   

Secondly, I noticed the amazingly baby blue ocean it was just incredible and perfect for the blog it was swishing from left to right I loved the sound so much that s stayed there for a whole day just listening and writing. 6 Hours later of listening to the ocean it was night so I made fire to keep me warm but also to bake some delicious marsh-mellos.

So that was my blog of me visiting Galapagos, it was amazing!!!


It’s 6: 30 in the morning; I’m still tired and I don’t want to get out of my warm, comfy and snuggly hammock. Today is the first time I will have walked on land for ten weeks.

The highlight of the day was watching the whale jump majestically and effortlessly though the sky and land with a somersault Image credit bing.

This is Charles Darwin signing off. 


Today after an expanded journey to Galapagos, my adventure began. Out of nowhere suddenly I could taste excitement so that’s when I knew I was going to have fun. I was walking around there were so many beautiful bird, the next day I examined more animals and there daily fascinating activities. Till tomorrow     



HI guys, after arriving on Galpogos I felt a wave of homesickness but I strode on. The terrain is very bumpy and it has a sub-tropical temperature from around 69 Fahrenheit height to 89 Fahrenheit height.

The first specie I saw was a marine iguana, it has long spikes on its back and long back legs for sprinting away from predators. They can stay underwater for 2 minutes if nothing goes wrong. The smell of the ocean is fresh, and peaceful. The scenes of the volcanoes and mountains are amazing. The best part was going on the H.M.S Beagle with everyone else. When a marine iguana wakes up it goes on a run to stretch.



Hey guys this is Darwin once again.

today I will be telling you about my life long dream about finaly to the galapogas islands.

It all started like this I gathered my gear and shoved it into the cargo area of the plane it was a long boring jorney, but I survived loud toilets and only being able to eat crisps.

when I got out of the plane I was totaly jetlaged I did a massive breath of warm air.

As I did so I caught sight of this. 


Today, after being woken up by the calming sounds of tropical birds chirping, I had finally made it! As I stepped off the H.M.S beagle, I was amazed at the magnificent panorama before me (which stretched as far as the eye could see) I was struck by the quiet and peacefulness of the island. After months of sea-sikness I finally found myself in a tranquil mind set


Today After Landing on the Island Isabella. I was very delighted to exit the ship that we travelled on.

After settling in we got set up, with wonderful tents, with also (unnecessary) pots and pans, followed by everything else.

Beginning our journey on the islands, we opened up our equipment box, and got out what we needed for our first trip. Then off we popped. We took our first steps and we set off on a hike to a beach. Once we got there, was a lizard with a red belly and black scales. Then we called it a day and went back to the camp and went to sleep.


Today, I finally got of the small cramped boat, I took a deep sigh of relief and looked around, the sight was so cool. I stood there and just stared at the amazing sight, I had a few nerves in me and felt a little sea sick I also felt like I was going to faint but I was going to be ok, right? I had this assuring feeling that this island would teach me lots and; surprise me in different ways.


I was very hungry and really needed to set up my camp up. So I finally got my camp done; I ate some Galapagos fruit.

It looked completely different to English fruit but defiantly tasted just as good-mouth-watering to be specific.

As the day went past, I was having a really good time and it was a great way to learn about new things, like every year the island moves 6cm to the left and a new island grows from underneath the old island, the island that had moved 6cm to the left. It has only been the end of one day,and I’m so excited to find out more information about this strange but magical island. Till tomorrow, goodnight.


My Arrival

After months at sea on the Beagle I have finally arrived in Galapagos. It was very hot but luckily for me I was near the sea so the coolness from the thrashing waves showered me with water. As I walked to my hotel I saw a strange bird which I recognised as the blue footed boobie.

The view from my hotel room is amazing I can see all the way down to the beach! The sea lions are bathing in the sun and as there is no young (the wrong time of year) they just lay on the beach and occasionally pop down to the sea to fish. It is very peaceful here and I am enjoying it a lot.