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Term 1 – Experts in Knowledge 


At Tiger, we want children to strive to be the best version of themselves possible. This includes, having a secure understanding of the past, how that impacts our present life, and could impact their future. Children will have a chronological understanding of History, both British and the wider world, and be confident in explaining how civilisations have changed, adapted, and improved overtime. Children will develop the skills to make connections, ask questions, enquire and consider different perspectives on events that have occurred in the past.



Tiger provides a history curriculum that is ambitious and designed for all pupils. It is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively providing the necessary knowledge and skills for the pupils’ future to empower them to take their role as informed and active citizens in the 21st century. Its emphasis is not just on historical knowledge but also skills and concepts. It has the same challenging academic ambitions for all pupils. They all work from a shared starting point to answer the same key questions. The content provides pupils with a clear understanding of how people lived in the past and what they believed to be important. Within the units there are recurring themes such as settlement, migration and religion which builds a stronger web of knowledge to ensure it sticks. Engaging with challenging themes will enable pupils to connect with what is happening in the world around them. It will enable them to engage in debate about what is happening today and use the past to inform those opinions. Over their primary career, pupils will develop an understanding of how we know about the past through a range of sources of evidence and with increasing confidence will consider their utility and reliability. This will lead to a better understanding of culture and heritage and a desire to engage further with these areas.



The History overview at Tiger is designed to be adapted by the class teachers, to ensure it is appropriate, engaging and assessable to their current class. A variety of teaching approaches, appropriate to the content and desired learning outcomes, are used to engage all pupils and enable them to not just acquire knowledge but to apply it in meaningful contexts. Appropriate discussion is recommended as a means of checking pupils’ learning systematically, identifying misconceptions, and providing immediate feedback. Questions and tasks to stretch and challenge the most able pupils are incorporated in each lesson. Revisiting ideas and concepts in different, more challenging, contexts in later units, using varied assessments and the inclusion of quizzes and recaps are all designed to help pupils remember content and integrate new knowledge into their evolving conceptual framework. Quality resources and materials are provided online to support the history curriculum and are sequenced towards the accumulation of skills, knowledge and understanding, working towards the next key stage. Each lesson, new key words are taught thoroughly, to ensure that all children know the meaning and can use it in context. Tasks provided have a support and challenge available, so that all children are able to access learning and application at a suitable level of desirable difficulty.



 The impact of the History curriculum is evidenced through the pupils’ use and understanding of the knowledge, skills, concepts and specialist vocabulary. It is evidenced by the use and outcomes of the varied activities, assessments and quizzes provided. The broad range of approaches for pupils to communicate their knowledge ensures that everyone can demonstrate progression and impact. In particular, it is evidenced by the pupils’ ability, willingness and confidence in addressing and discussing each unit’s key question, giving a response focusing on historical vocabulary, skills and concepts. Pupils understand and can clarify to others what history is and the importance and value of studying the subject. They can explain to others how they are progressing and what they can do to get better in the subject.

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Curriculum Progression Map: Foundation Subjects 


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