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Design and Technology

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Tiger provides a rich Design and Technology Curriculum that gives every child to be creative in their own way. It is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively providing the necessary knowledge and skills for the pupils’ future careers, whichever path they may take. Tiger children will learn skills they will have for life, such as knowing how to use the equipment to make a healthy meal, using tools such as glue guns, and being able to sew on a button. Equally as important, children will have the chance to show their creative side by creating their very own products they will get to keep, ever year, from Year 1 to Year 6. They will learn to take ideas from, and critique products on the market, and eventually evaluate their own products to see how they could improve next time.


The Design and Technology curriculum at Tiger is designed to be adapted by the class teachers, to ensure it is appropriate, engaging and accessible to their current class. DT and Art alternate termly, with children having the chance to design and create their own products three times in a school year. This can range from creating their own fossil in Year 1, from researching and making Greek sandals in Year 3, from eventually making a three course meal, when their primary career comes to an end in Year 6. Children have their own A3 DT booklet to complete for each term they design a product. This allows the children to record their journey of making their product in their own booklet they can keep, including existing product research, suitable material studies, and product evaluation. Teachers mark this booklet after every DT session, looking for misconceptions and correcting key spellings. Challenge and support is then given accordingly. In addition, appropriate discussion is also carried out as a means of checking pupils’ learning systematically, identifying misconceptions, and providing immediate feedback. Questions and tasks to stretch and challenge the most able pupils are incorporated in each lesson. Quality resources and materials are provided at school to ensure the children have a rich understanding of how to use Design and Technology tools, which prepares them for life in secondary school and beyond. Each tools is modelled by the teacher, showing the safe and correct way to use these.


The impact of the DT curriculum is evidence through the pupils understanding of how to use DT tools, their answers to questions in class and through showcasing and evaluating their final products. Our children can speak confidently about how they designed their product and why, and how they could improve it next time. Children at Tiger enjoy DT; taking pride in their booklets and caring very much about how their final product turns out. Pupils understand and can clarify to others what DT is and the importance and value of studying the subject, and how this prepares them for secondary school. They can explain to others how they are progressing and what they can do to get better in the subject.

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Curriculum Progression Map: Foundation Subjects 


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