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House captains

A boy and girl from year six are selected as representatives for each house. Their role is to help facilitate the running of house based events and to act as a sports crew during break and lunchtimes. They will also be expected to uphold the school rules and values as well as being model students, showing their very best to the rest of the school.

Riley and Kiera - House Captains, Siberian

Riley - I am artistic and creative and I also really enjoy reading a lot. I really enjoy helping people whenever they need it. I like learning more about nature and spending time outside. My other interest is badminton which I find really fun and energising. 
Kiera - I am competitive so I like to see others learning how to be the best person they can be. I like to help people get better at their hobbies and interests. I also have artistic interests and enjoy taking photographs that I then draw. 


Oscar and Mollie - House Captains, Sumatran

Oscar - I am passionate about sport and fitness in general. PE is my favourite subject and I am keen that others realise how fun exercise can be. I love playing football, hockey, badminton, tennis and running in 100m sprints. I also love cricket where I am a good bowler. I want to inspire younger students to discover sports that they enjoy for their physical and mental health. 
Mollie - I relish responsibilities which is why I believe I am a good House Captain. I am hard working and I always make sure my work is done to the best of my ability. I am also caring and I think I am someone that other people can trust. In my spare time, I compete in triathlons. 

Luchia and Fletcher - House Captains, Malayan 

Fletcher - I am immensely proud to represent red house and I look forward to sports day in the summer term. I am interested in football and British superbikes - please come and talk to me when you see me at school. 
Luchia - I am really pleased to be selected as House Captain. I enjoy playing football, going ice skating and being creative. I think my varied interests make me an easy person to talk to. 

Alex and Sophia - House Captains, Bengal

Alex - I am competitive and I get a lot of pleasure by playing team sports. I have experience of playing football, hockey, basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby and badminton. I want to use my role to encourage others to learn how to work as part of a team and how to support each other when results don't go their way. I think that it is important that children are active. 
Sophia - I really enjoy playing football, hockey, rounders, badminton, tennis and dodgeball. I think I work in a team really well because I listen well, and I can cooperate with others. I also think that I am a responsible person which makes me a good House Captain. 

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