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House captains

A captain from year six is selected as representatives for each house. Their role is to help facilitate the running of house based events and to act as a sports crew during break and lunchtimes. They will also be expected to uphold the school rules and values as well as being model students, showing their very best to the rest of the school.

Fletcher - Sumatran House 




Hello, my name is Fletcher and I am delighted to be Sumatran's new House Captain. I believe that sport plays a crucial role in supporting people's mental health and provides an opportunity to be a 'safe spot' for people to do what they enjoy as part of a team around them. 

Within my role, I wish to broaden the sport opportunities in school and to actively promote a growth mindset. I believe that it is imperative that sport is played with a 'team player mentality' - to support others, celebrate successes together and to rally around each other when we lose. I see myself as a natural leader because I look for opportunities within games and always acknowledge mistakes in sport as a learning point for future success. I want to promote this approach and qualities such as self-belief in everyone so that they get the most from their chosen sport. 

I love our PE lessons - they have introduced me to a variety of sports and I like to challenge myself in new activities. I also keep myself physically active at break and lunch times by playing football with my friends. Some of my proudest moments have been when I have worn the Tiger kit in hockey and many football tournaments as a striker. I feel amazing when my family come to watch me play and my most memorable moment was when I scored the winning goal. I was so proud. 

Outside school, I am very active - I absolutely love to play football with my friends. I pursue this passion by playing for a local club and training for up to 6 hours at a time. I am an avid West Ham fan and Jarrod Bowen is my role model. He always inspires me by getting lots of assists and actively making opportunities for his team. I also keep active by going for bike rides, swimming in the sea, going on family walks and playing at adventure golf. I would like to visit Silverstone and watch the British Grand Prix to see Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton. New sports that I would like to try are: tennis, rowing, squash, badminton and table tennis. 

I look forward to leading Sumatran house with pride and passion.  

Bibi - Bengal House

Hello, I am Bibi and I am the House Captain for Bengal. 

The moment that I discovered that I was a House Captain was a very proud moment.  Some of my happiest moments in sports have been when I successfully represented Tiger Primary as a striker in football tournaments. I have also pushed myself to learn something new while batting in cricket as well as playing as wing attack during a netball match. I draw my inspiration from Lionel Messi who combines his talent with hard work. I train as a striker as often as I can and enjoy playing football during break and lunchtimes. 

I lead by example by playing as much football as I can. I also enjoy cycling around Loose Valley and playing basketball. I love being outdoors and I want to encourage as many people as possible to find activities they enjoy that are outside. I would like to experience a broad range of new sports such as golf, horse racing, volleyball and athletics. It is also my dream to watch the Olympics to see elite athletes represent their country. 

I want to support everyone whether they are discovering a new sport or working on their technical ability. I believe that by playing regular sport, it provides a valuable sense of belonging which everyone should feel. It is my ambition to play a key part in keeping my peers healthy whilst having fun and creating lots of memories. I believe that everyone should represent the school and I want to encourage lots of people to participate in sports during break and lunch times.  As House Captain for Bengal house, I want to lead our house to win the trophies on Sports Day. I feel very privileged to lead such a fantastic team and I want to inspire you to play a range of individual and team sports. 

Christian - Malayan House

Hello, my name is Christian and I am very honoured and grateful to be the House Captain for Malayan house. Being physically active every day is important to me and I intend to spread my positive, optimistic attitude to inspire others to be more active. 

I want to be a positive role model to others and make a difference - I encourage active play at break and lunch time by playing football or running while playing man hunt with my friends. I believe that physical exercise helps to prepare and focus me for my lessons. As Head of House, I want to raise people's confidence in themselves and in each other. I believe that it is important for our health that we are outdoors, regardless of the weather, to get fresh air daily. 

I aspire to become a sports psychologist, so I want to make the most of all the opportunities available to me at Tiger Primary. I believe that self-discipline, resilience and having a positive mental attitude are vital in sport so I work hard to show these values. I believe that sport helps people set goals that they try to achieve. My goal is to be selected as a captain just like my idol - Jude Bellingham. 

I intend to inspire everyone around me to try new sports by leading from example. I want to test my abilities in rugby, athletics, badminton and swimming all of which are new to me. I would love to go and watch a professional rugby match at Twickenham Stadium to watch elite athletes at the top of their game. 

I am proud to have been awarded this significant position within school. I will bring joy and happiness through sport by making sure everyone is included and gets the opportunity to participate. 

Faith - Siberian House

Hello, my name is Faith and I am the House Captain for Siberian. Thank you for choosing me for the important role of leading our house and promoting sport in the school. 

I have represented Tiger in football, netball and hockey tournaments as well as competing in cross-country. When I wear the school kit, I feel proud to be awarded the opportunity to be part of the leadership team supporting Siberian house.  

As House Captain, I want to motivate people to lead a healthy, active lifestyle through sports. I wish to be an inspirational House Captain who helps install core morals and values through physical exercise. I have many heroes that inspire me - for instance, Michael Jordan is a huge hero of mine. His positive embrace of 'failure' and 'mistakes' is something that I will bring to my role. I am also strongly influenced by LeBron James after I watched footage of him showing immense kindness to the spectators and to the staff who were serving refreshments. These qualities are what I will base my behaviour on as House Captain as well as helping younger children learn and understand this important message of being kind and respectful in sport. In class, we are reading a book written by Marcus Rashford who is a tremendous example of how you can achieve great success even if you come from humble beginnings. Finally, I admire Christiano Ronaldo's work ethic - he is a highly committed sportsman with immense discipline. I believe that I embody self-discipline with a strong work ethic and this will make me a great House Captain. 

In the evenings and weekends, I play hockey and football - I also stay active by cycling and riding my skateboard at the skatepark. Having a younger sister has impressed on me how important it is to get young children active. 

I really enjoy our PE lessons - I like working together with other people and seeing people's characters develop through sport. I think that it is important that children are introduced to a wide range of sports because it opens their possibilities and opportunities. Sports that I would like try for the first time are: table tennis, cricket, martial arts and volleyball. 

Sport and physical activity have provided me with many opportunities to excel and make wonderful memories. I hope to connect children from different years who have common interests. It is important to me that, as House Captain, that I am involved with the management side of sport at Tiger - I want to provide feedback on skills and upcoming talent so that we can spot ability quickly. 

I intend to use my passion for sport to become either a personal trainer, a physiotherapist or a sports coach analyst so I am very grateful for the opportunity to be Head of House so I can explore my interest further. 

Thank you for appointing me as Head of SIberian house. I am extremely keen to get to know all of you. 

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