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Our Vision and Ethos

Here at Tiger we strive for every child to be the best version of themselves possible.

Overall Curriculum Intent

The child is at the centre of what we do at Tiger Primary. Our curriculum is built on strong pedagogical principles, with every child encouraged to be the best version of themselves. We make it our aim to know our children as individuals and learners and use this to promote a positive attitude to learning. Our school population is diverse, and we embrace inclusivity in all aspects of school culture and curriculum. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, with opportunities for pupils to celebrate, collaborate and communicate their learning about different cultural and spiritual beliefs, whilst promoting British Values.

The breadth of curriculum content allows pupils to explore through discrete subject teaching, building on prior knowledge and learning. There are no limits to learning and there is a clear development of skills. Here at Tiger, all subjects are equally valued, giving children the skills, vocabulary, and confidence that they need to think like a historian, scientist, geographer etc.

Our curriculum is about achievement, enjoyment, and enrichment.

Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum is based on high quality resources. English is taught through the Jane Considine method and Maths is taught through Power Maths, with a wide variety of manipulative resources for all. The rest of the curriculum is based on discrete subject learning, where children are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and communicate their learning confidently. Creativity and teacher expertise is woven into the curriculum with subject-specialist secondary school teachers often working with our pupils and teachers, sharing good practice, and ensuring that learners learn from the best. This nurtures and prepares our pupils for life beyond Tiger Primary School.

Curriculum Impact

The impact of the curriculum is monitored though triangulation of outcomes: pupil voice, test/data outcomes, planning, monitoring of books and displays, lesson learning walks, discussions with teaching staff, pupils, and parents.

The desired outcomes of the curriculum will ensure that pupils are well rounded pupils, ready to embark on the next stage in their learning, ready to become life-long learners. They will be equipped with the foundations and skills to achieve success in later education. Tiger pupils will take pride in their strengths, understand what they are good at and will develop skills to face their challenges.


Our core values are:



Going beyond the expected




Tiger Primary School is part of Future Schools Trust.

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