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Tiger Primary School

P4C (Philosophy for Children)

P4C Curriculum – Starting soon

At Tiger Primary, we believe in fostering critical thinking, open-mindedness, and respectful dialogue. That's why we have now implemented Philosophy for Children (P4C) as a new feature of our curriculum.

P4C is a powerful approach that encourages children to explore philosophical questions, engage in deep discussions, and develop their reasoning skills. Through P4C, our children will learn to think critically, express their opinions, and listen to others with respect. This enriching practice not only enhances their academic abilities but also nurtures their social and emotional growth. We are proud to provide our children with the opportunity to engage in meaningful philosophical inquiries that empower them to become thoughtful and compassionate individuals.

The children build a “community of inquiry” where they create and inquire into their own questions. The questions raised come from a stimulus that is shared with the children. The stimulus can take the form of objects, artefacts, pictures, photographs and videos. The children can even bring in their own stimulus to share with the class.

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