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Tiger Primary School

School meals 

At Tiger Primary School we provide a nutritious three-weekly menu, which provides the vital nutrients that every child needs. All our food is catered on site and our kitchen has a 5 Star Rating for Excellence in Food Hygiene.

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A Balanced Diet

The food our children eat affects every aspect of their lives: their mood, behaviour, growth, even their ability to concentrate. Good nutrition is vital to a child's health, from building strong bones and teeth, to the healthy development of internal organs and general growth. 

Tastes from Around the World

Careful planning by our Chef ensures that our menus are nutritionally balanced. We have three menus that are rotated on a weekly basis. We encourage the children to try different dishes from other countries, including China, France, and America. 

Sustainable and Healthy

All meals are prepared and cooked on our promises, using only fresh vegetables and fruits from a local supplier in Kent. We try to use as many organic products as we can and always use the best quality of meat and fish. All our chicken is free range or freedom labelled. All our suppliers have their Certificate of Conformity (CMI Higher Level) and/or the Red Tractor Licence Certificate, and are regularly inspected for Certification Standard for Food Wholesaling, Storage and Distribution.



Tiger Primary School is part of Future Schools Trust.

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