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Pride and Diversity Week

During the week beginning June 22nd, Tiger pupils undertook fun activities to acknowledge how we are all the same, but different. Our children created class Elmers to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of each class and the individuals within it. They also designed individual flags to represent diversity at Tiger, and ‘being proud of who you are’.



Tribal Classrooms

At the beginning of term, (March 8th - 12th 2021), our children spent an afternoon creating Tribal Flags to represent their class values. These are displayed in the classrooms as a visual reminder of the teamwork, helpfulness, friendship, kindness, resilience, effort, togetherness, sharing, support, caring, communication, respect, happiness, safety, empathy, pride and so much more that is at the heart of Tiger Primary.


Inside Out Day

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, (February 1st - 7th 2021), we celebrated ‘Inside Out Day’.
Children and staff wore an item of clothing inside out in order to show how not all of our feelings we have inside us are visible from the outside.
We discussed how it is always important to be kind to others, especially as we do not always know how they are feeling or what they are thinking. In a world where you can be anything- be kind!

Anti-Bullying Week

In November we celebrated Anti-bullying week. We all came into school wearing odd socks to show how we are all unique - teachers, parents and carers joined in too!
There were lots of different activities in school such as creating kindness trees and discussing how we can be good friends to ensure we all feel valued and important.
You can also hear the KMFM interview with Miss Adams about how Tiger truly embraces the Anti-bullying message.



First Aid Training

KS2 were very lucky to take part in First Aid training. We learnt lots of important information such as what to do in an emergency, how to treat burns cuts and bruises and even how to do CPR! 


Fantastic Fred

The Fantastic Fred Experience visited Tiger Primary!

Fantastic Fred was a memorable live performance that taught the children how to look after their own mental health.

F.R.E.D is an acronym for the four practical ways in which children can help to look after their own good mental health:
Food – eating the right foods
Rest – getting enough sleep
Exercise – being active
Digital Devices – managing time online

Further information and advice for parents on supporting children’s mental health can be found at; https://goodmentalhealthmatters.com/for-parents

 FRED is such an important message and clearly lots of fun!





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