About Us

Tiger Primary School became the first primary in Kent to be launched under the Government’s Free School initiative when it opened in September 2012.

Tiger Primary School, which forms part of Future Schools Trust, is based in Maidstone, at the same site as New Line Learning Academy in Boughton Lane, Loose. It is located within a new state-of-the-art building, which was was officially opened in April 2015 by the Mayor of Maidstone.

Tiger Primary School offers a significantly different education for the young people of Maidstone. Alongside the core curriculum, there is a greater emphasis on personalised support and enrichment. Children have specialist teachers for Spanish, music, gym, dance and games lessons, as well as access to excellent onsite resources. We also welcome staff from NLL to teach lessons such as drama and art.

The staff have developed a creative curriculum based on the power of reading texts, with a different theme in each year group for each term, incorporating, history, geography, design and technology, art, science and ICT skills. The curriculum is designed to give pupils a deeper and more memorable learning journey with key texts at the heart. Alongside these lessons children gain knowledge, understanding and skills of RE, grammar, spelling, comprehension and mathematics discretely but building links with the creative curriculum where appropriate.

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