Ethan Sparks Spectacular Racing

Ethan Sparks (Year 2) is making waves in the minimoto biking scene this year.

Ethan now competes in the fiercely competitive AC40 Pro class, where not only are the bikes faster, the quality of the class is higher as well. This does not deter Ethan in the slightest, even though he is still the youngest in the class (7 years old), racing against children almost twice his age!

Ethan was hampered a little by wet conditions in qualifying, and was placed 17th on the grid. This simply gave him the determination to go out in Race 1 and ght for a respectable place overall. He blew the crowd away with his sheer speed and skill, and he fought his way past 7 other riders to achieve 10th overall.

In Race 2, Ethan achieved 12th with an even faster track time of 57 seconds and with a couple more laps, would have certainly caught the next 2-3 rides up; unfortunately Race 3 was called short after six laps as the two front riders collided and a red ag was called (they were unharmed thankfully). Ethan was fighting so hard for a place higher up and had he been given the opportunity to finish the last two laps he would most certainly been on contention for 8th Place.

Gavin Sparks, Ethan’s father, said: “We were very unsure of how Ethan would place given the
new class and the level of talent in it. However, yet again he has shown how self belief and sheer determination to better himself sees him achieving amazing results, and we are very proud to share with you and his teachers”.

To catch Ethan during his next race, you can watch a live stream by following Cool-Fab Racing on Facebook. You can also see more of previous races on their website at