Make Way For the Mayor of Maidstone

The Mayor of Maidstone, David Naghi, visited our Year 2 class to discuss out topic of Street Detectives. 

The topic aim is for students to learn about their local area and to come up with ways to improve it. These improvements could be from reducing traffic to improving parks. 

Children planned and asked David questions about his role as the Mayor of Maidstone and what interested him about the position. Year 2 also looked at a local park and had began designing a new and updated one to inform him about. He came in and children found out lots of things about him and got the chance to tell him about their ideas for the park. Which he said to write to him and let him know!

David revealed that the chain of office a Mayor wears as part of his official clothing is made out of material from a real anchor. Year 2 also learnt that a person can only be Mayor for one year.

Although the Mayor has no greater official authority than the other council members, the Mayor does act as the head of the city for ceremonial purposes and is responsible for the day-to-day running of local services.