Mister Maker Makes Tiger's Day

At Tiger, we love our creativity. Every term we are creating something new and unique; so that's why we were so excited to have this very very special guest in... Mister Maker!

Yes, CBeebies start Mister Maker (Phil Gallagher) came in to deliver a fun filled lesson to our EYFS and KS1 pupils. 

The children could barely sit still as one of their favourite TV stars came into the room. 

For those of you who are unaware, Mister Maker hosts a television show of the same name on CBeebies where he creates art using different shapes. The shapes even perform a song and dance before he gets to the arty part of his show. 

He was absolutely wowed by our recent Platinum Literacy Mark and went on to praise the children on how well they are doing with their reading and engaging in Busters Book Club!

Before leaving he performed a little song and dance of his own! 

We would like to thank Mister Maker for taking the time to visit Tiger. 

Also a big thank you to Mr Crocket, our EYFS lead and Bee class teacher, for organising Mister Makers visit.